Department of Medical Science

Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

The Clients were clinically examined for their nature, extent and causes of disability in the department of Medical Science. Following the medical examination, medicines are prescribed if needed and the clients are referred to other specialists for further investigation and rehabilitation. Medical & Genetic counseling, referrals for psychological, therapeutic and special education inputs were also provided. This department has the units of Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Prosthetics & Orthotics Material development unit and sensory integration, provides services for persons with Multiple Disabilities. Besides Medical Services therapeutic services are also provided through the department to make the clients mobile and independent through exercises, electro and sensory integration therapies and by providing various aids and appliances including artificial limbs. The main objective of the department is to make "life in the years" of the clients and the focus is on training the parents in doing exercises and activities to help their child with disability.

Early Intervention services

The early intervention services are provided for children at risk/developmental delay from birth to three years. The children are assessed for different developmental aspects such as motor, language, cognitive. self-help and social skills. Play way method is imparted to stimulate the developmental functioning of the children. A home based program is also prepared and explained to parents to follow the same.