Department of Social Work

Social Work Department connect the clients with all departments of the institute and works with a strong desire to help and improve the quality of life of people.

  • Professional Social Workers of our department assist individuals, families and groups to restore or enhance their capacity for social functioning while creating societal conditions favorable to their goals.
  • They practice with knowledge of human development and behavior, social, economic and cultural institution and interaction of all these factors.


Rehabilitation services are coordinated by Department of Social Work through Service and Program section. We provide suitable rehabilitation services to the persons with Multiple Disabilities and Single-disability including the clients coming with impairment. If we sow the seeds of good services, sweet remembrances will grow from them, making life fruitful and worthy. As known, first impression is always the best impression and it is the services where the clients initially connect/communicate with our institute and start hoping for best rehabilitation. And hence our services team is here to serve the clients with a positive approach changing their perception of disability and life.


At reception the support staff starts the process of registration by collecting all the details of the client and categories them into UD or MD. The process of registration is completed by collecting the registration charges and service charges as per the NIEPMD fee structure and then the clients are send to social work professionals for taking up the case history. The staff at reception also guide the clients to other departments for further treatments and follow up sessions and also receive inter office calls, out calls and guide them appropriately about our services, availability of cottage and guest houses .

Department of Social Work

Case History Taking

Taking Case History enables the professional to communicate with the patient about his/her symptoms, feelings and fears so as to obtain an insight into the nature of clients present and past illness. The purpose of history taking and interview is to elicit sufficient information to establish a diagnosis, assess relevant biological, psychological and social factors that are pertinent to the client and presenting conditions and formulate the range of specific therapeutic intervention. Hence the method of history taking is of great importance in the field of multiple disabilities.

Case history begins by asking the identification data of the client (which includes the client's name, age, sex, parents name and address, occupation, referral source and the date on which the history is taken, details regarding education, socio-economic status, place of residence, religion and language spoken by the client), next the chief complaint or presenting complaint that prompted the client to seek medical attention is enquired. Following this, data is collected regarding medical history, antenatal, natal and postnatal history, developmental history, immunization history, school history and family dynamics and other information that may be useful in analyzing and diagnosing the case instructional or research purpose.

Once the case history is collected, then the client will be referred to other departments for specific assessment and intervention. Apart from regular services, NIEPMD also conducts special clinics in the following specialties-Neurology, Psychiatry and Dentistry every month. The Institute also supplies medicines to persons with disabilities for neurological and psychiatric conditions at subsidized prices.

Department of Social Work

Counseling and guidance

Families having children with disabilities have lifelong reality problems hence we explain them certain coping strategies like altering expectations and ameliorating the condition to motivate them and to build an positive attitude in them.

Counseling aids an individual to solve his/her problems through the media of interview and hence our department professionals spend adequate time with the client's family and counsel them about the condition, enhancing coping skills, facilitating behavior change, promoting decision making potential, improving relationship and also further educate them about various schemes and programs available for the family members having person with disabilities.

Preparation of comprehensive reports and bonafide certificates

The Department issues comprehensive report and bonafide certificate to the ward, which give in-depth information of ward's present condition and the therapies he/she is undertaking in NIEPMD.

Leadership programs

Group work is a conscious and deliberate approach through which individuals and groups in the institute are helped by a social worker to relate themselves to other people and to experience growth and opportunities in accordance with their needs. The department of social work is conducting regular group sessions for the client's parents attending NIEPMD providing them a opportunity to nourish, enhance and develop personality of individuals.

Mutual acceptance is the basic of group session and hence the parents feel comfortable to share their views fears for coping up his/ her child's condition .Usually the session of 30- 40 mins starts with small interactive ice breaking session followed by group activities mainly focusing on topics related to their children's condition.

Department of Social Work

Family Cottage Services

The services of family cottage is provided to the out station clients those who seek NIEPMD for services. This facility is provided on the appointment basis and it is availed by the clients for a period of 7 to 10 days. This provision gives the clients and their family to reside at NIEPMD campus for a short-term period, helping the client to get assessed, counseled and to plan the home-based programs as per the recommendations of the professionals. A total of 87 persons with multiple disabilities along with their family have been provided the family cottage services in the year 2016-2017 and the charges are being received from the clients as per the NIEPMD norms.

Guidance on Schemes and Concessions

The department facilitates the clients and their families to avail the schemes and programs of the State Government and Ministry of Social Justice& Empowerment etc.,

Extension & Outreach Programme


NIEPMD have clients from all states of India with different categories of disabilities. In spite of the thorough assessment, home programme and regular follow ups provided by NIEPMD, Chennai, and these clients are not able to avail the regular therapies from NIEPMD distance being a barrier. For the benefits of such clients NIEPMD have established extension centres in various places all over India for the accessibility of long distance clients. NIEPMD have ten extension centres covering five states and one union territory of which, five are in Tamilnadu, one in Odisha, one in Manipur, one in Tripura, one in U.P, one in Andaman and Nicobar. NIEPMD supports ((Technical support on need and expertise based on consultancy basis, Distribution of Aids and Appliances under ADIP Scheme, Parent Training Programmes, Short term training programme (Seminar, Conference, Workshops, Training programmes. etc...), Awareness programmes, Children/PWD special events, Special programme(PMSTP/SIPDA/R&D/HRD) for ST/SC/North east regions, Any other assistance for providing services for persons with disabilities.)) the technical side to make the extension centre function at the fullest by engaging the appropriate man power to the centre and providing the quality services to the clients.


  1. To provide accessibility to various services for long distance clients.
  2. To expand the services of NIEPMD all over India.


  • Providing the rehabilitation services for persons with disabilities(Spl.Edn/Physio Therapy/Occupational Therapy/Psychological Counselling/Speech Therapy/ etc...)
  • Importing various training programme for PWDs and their parent.
  • Organizing various Short Term Training Programme for client with Disabilities and their families.
  • Conducting various co-curricular activities and extracurricular activities for PWDs.
  • Providing Aids and Appliances for PWDs.
  • Creating awareness programme, Capacity building programme, empowerment and community mobilization of PWDs and their families.
  • Maintaining documentation and records of the clients.

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