Resilience Headway; Youth with Multiple Disabilities : A Manual

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A training manual for Resilience Headway among Youth with Multiple Disabilities aged 12 to 25 years. This manual facilitates Special Educators, Therapists, and Rehabilitation Professionals involved in providing services to the Persons with MD. Resilience Headway for youth with MD helps them to accept self and be positive; and stay more engaged in life. This manual helps YwMD to enhance the following skills and build resilience. Analyse, understand and accept self, identify and define life goals, focus on strength and weaknesses and develop a strong self-esteem. Enhance character strength which will help to build unique personality. Find and adapt suitable communication mode, equip self, and add confidence in communication skills. Learn to manage emotions, handle bullying effectively and coping with stress and tension. Understand the importance and maintain relationships to build a new world for self. Know and accept individual differences and move forward to create change in the society. Equip self and learn lessons from setbacks and bounce back in life efficiently. Maintain mental balance and showcase power of YwMD to the society and bring a new look and place to YwMD in the society.


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Last updated on 12th June 2024